Newbies Looking for GM

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Newbies Looking for GM

Post by Magical Trevor on Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:11 pm

Good day all! So I have a couple of friends (plus myself) on Skype who are looking to start a game! We have never played before, though we have RPG experience in other games, so we'd prefer a GM that is willing to start slow to help us get used to the system, and then get going. We'd also need a couple more players, most likely, as three people aren't really enough for a party, so we'd love to have pretty much anyone, so long as you're willing to tolerate us learning the system for a bit.

On the off-chance we/I get replies swiftly, we would prefer to wait for the 2.2 rules and whatnot to come out, so that way we aren't scrambling to learn the new stuff, make sure all the races and spirits are available to pick from, etc.

We are willing to play on Skype and Roll20, though if there's another medium that is viable, we're willing to discuss options. If you have any questions or what have you, please feel free to ask either here or via my e-mail, nightsongthebard at my gmail account. Thank you!

EDIT: We actually have five players now, potentially, so while another player or two might be accepted, we are definitely looking for a GM now. :3
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